What is demineralization of teeth

In celebration of Dictionary Day, here at River Street Family Dental, our word of the day is demineralization! Demineralization is the process of losing minerals in your teeth, causing the enamel to break down its strength. This is caused by the types of food and drinks we consume, changing the Ph balance in our mouths. In other words, if your mouth is dry and sticky, demineralization can begin to occur. However, there is great news! The very opposite of demineralization is remineralization, and that is when the essential minerals and ions are replaced, naturally strengthening your teeth.

What are some ways than can prevent the process and lessen the effects of demineralization? Brush your teeth(after every meal is recommended), chew sugarless gum, consume fruits and fruit juices less frequently (believe it or not, consuming sugar more frequently does more damage to your teeth than consuming large amounts once in a while), eat calcium rich foods, and drink more water!

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