Are Sweets Always Bad for Teeth?

What is your favorite dessert? Is it cheesecake? Maybe a slice of apple pie? Naturally, desserts come with a load of sugars, to top off a wonderful course. However, sugar is widely known to come with harmful effects to your teeth, leading to the most common: cavities. Luckily, there are a few teeth-friendly desserts or alternatives to try!

Apples & cheese make a great combination. Apples gently removes the plaque while cheese will acidify the sugars so it doesn’t cause damage to the enamel. Substituting sugar in baked goods with applesauce is another healthy alternative. This one may surprise you but believe or not, dark chocolate! Chocolate may not be as bad as you may think. The worst candies are the sticky and gummy ones but dark chocolate melts relatively quickly and is washed away by saliva so that it isn’t given time to cause harm to your enamel. It also has much less sugar than milk or white chocolate as well.

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