Seniors’ Oral Health: Why Elderly Dental Care Is Important

Seniors' Oral Health: Why Elderly Dental Care Is ImportantEveryone needs to be active in preventing oral health complications, but seniors are at a higher risk of complications. As you get older, you may notice changes in your oral health and a harder-to-control level of oral hygiene. With consistent care from your dental care provider, you can manage these changes as they occur.

Reasons Senior Dental Health Care Is Important

Take a look at some of the most common oral health problems impacting seniors. If you are noticing these programs, it’s best to turn to a dentist right away for treatment. Don’t wait until they are hard to control to come in.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a problem many people have, but for seniors, it is more likely to occur. Any type of periodontal disease can cause problems with overall health, especially if you have a sensitivity to infections. If you notice bleeding gums or tenderness, schedule a consultation.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth isn’t a sign that you’re thirsty. It’s an indication that your mouth isn’t producing enough saliva, and that can lead to an increase in the amount of bacteria present in the mouth. This is very common in seniors, especially those taking medications for illness or health management.

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are also a sign of a need for treatment. If your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold, for example, that can indicate that the enamel on your teeth is wearing down. A proper cleaning of your teeth is an important step in treating this condition.

Tooth Loss

Loose teeth or those that fall out are important to have treated. Even as we get older, it’s possible to maintain strong, healthy teeth with routine care. However, gum disease and more advanced periodontal disease can cause tooth loss due to infection. It’s important to have this treated right away.


Cavities are somewhat more common in seniors. They can occur due to the higher sugar content that some seniors take in or medications. It’s a good idea to improve brushing and use an antiseptic mouth rinse to help combat this.

Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration, whether from food or from poor oral hygiene, isn’t something to ignore either. Proper dental care can help prevent this from occurring.

How to Improve Senior Dental Care – Your Oral Health Tips

What can you do to improve your oral health as a senior? Start with improving your brushing, flossing, and use of mouth wash. Keep in mind that making an appointment to see your dentist every six months is critical to maintaining your oral health. Ask questions, and get one-on-one tips to help you overcome your specific needs.

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