It is National Color Day!

It is National Color Day! What’s your favorite color? If we can take a guess, it would probably be the world’s most popular color? Do you what that is? That’s right, blue! There is a deeper meaning behind colors believe it or not. Blue gives off a calm, serene feel while yellow or orange, for example, tend to stir up an appetite. You’re probably thinking McDonalds or even The Cheesecake Factory right now. White can feel pure or give off a sense of cleanliness. So it’s a no-brainer why celebrities seemingly all have “perfect teeth.” Some will even go the extra mile and pay thousands of dollars to have the perfect smile. After all, they’re in front of hundreds of cameras.

Save your money!

Luckily, here at River Street Family Dental, we are currently offering a Teeth Whitening Special for $69! At that rate, you might as well take a night out on the town.