National Carbonated Beverage Day

Today, we recognize National Carbonated Beverage Day and why drinking sugary, carbonated drinks isn’t healthy for you teeth! Drinking these harmful drinks causes erosion and leads to cavities. In a perfect world, hopefully this message is enough to put an end to your craving but instead, here are some tips to help reduce these effects:

  • Use a straw. This helps steer the acidic sugars away from your teeth.

  • Rinse with water. Washing away the sugars before they take effect on your teeth makes a huge difference!

  • Wait to brush. Brushing your teeth immediately after drinking soft drinks can actually do more damage than good because your teeth are most vulnerable, rather wait 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Brush before bed. Don’t allow time to settle and erode away at the enamel during the night.

  • Keep regular cleanings. Be sure to see your dentist every 6 months for your routine checkup.

Follow these easy and simple steps and you’ll be sure to keep your teeth nice and bright for as long as possible! Now who doesn’t want that?