Mission and Values

Ensuring each one of our patients receives the very best level of care in a comfortable environment is our most important goal. Our mission is to help you have outstanding oral health. We provide that through education and one-on-one service. We also strive to offer the most up to date technologies and solutions to ensure our patients always have access to the tools they need. We respect our patients, listen to them, and create a nurturing environment where you feel safe.

Community Engagement

Our team is committed to providing our community with the support necessary to educate them about the importance of dental health. We provide dental health presentations in schools and for local organizations. We have partnerships with area schools, daycare facilities, businesses, and local organizations to help promote oral health.

We Are a Green Office

We believe in protecting the environment, too! That’s why we are a green office.

  • We are a part of the Safe Needle Disposal program. Having a safe way to dispose of used needles is essential to protecting public health. We encourage individuals to visit our location for options in the disposal of used needles.
  • Our team also utilizes digital x-rays. As a result, we help to prevent the waste of films. Our radiography machinery is capable of reducing the amount of radiation that enters the atmosphere, protecting the health of those around us.
  • We also are chartless – that means we have computerized all of our patient charts, saving the amount of paper we use and protecting the environment in the process.
  • Our commitment to being a green office goes even further. We use paperless billing to reduce our paper use.
  • We also use only Energy Star computers and efficient machinery in our location, thus reducing our energy consumption.
  • Also, anything that can be recycled, we recycle!

Visit Us

We welcome new clients and encourage you to take advantage of our outstanding services and trusted professionals. Call us today for a consultation and appointment.