Many people worry about going to the dentist. They are worried about things such as pain or discomfort. No matter why you may have dental anxiety, it’s important to choose a dental provider that’s able to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. We do that for you. One of the ways we can help you is with sedation dentistry.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

As the name implies, sedation dentistry is the process of receiving sedation during your dental treatment to help you relax. There are several options available, and all are safe for you to use. We’ll talk to you about the risks and benefits it can offer.

Sedation Types

A variety of sedation options are available. This allows our team to choose the solution that is right for your unique needs. The types available include the following:

Nitrous Oxide: This is one of the most effective options available. It is ideal for calming fears, but it still allows you to communicate well with us. If you have a gag reflex, this option may be a good option.

Oral Sedation: Many of our patients struggle with significantly with dental anxiety. Oral sedation can be a good option. These are a type of prescription medication you will take before your appointment with us.

Conscious IV Sedation: This is a bit more of a high level of treatment, but one that remains readily available to our patients who need it. You will not be asleep during the procedure, but you may feel very tired and about to fall asleep. However, you will be awake enough to listen to us and follow directions. This keeps you relaxed, and you probably will not remember what happens.

General Anesthesia: For more invasive procedures, we may use this method. It allows our team to allow you to sleep during the procedure. Most of the time, this type of sedation is used in a hospital setting because there are risks to it. Some people may experience a fast drop in blood pressure or develop irregular heartbeats. We do not use this method unless you will be getting extensive treatment.

In each situation, we’ll talk to you about your options. Ask us about sedation dentistry if you are coming in for an appointment.

Call Our Office for an Appointment

We encourage you to reach out to use for any of your dental needs. Dental sedation is a solution available to many people. It can be a safe solution to ensuring you get the quality care you need. Call us now to schedule an appointment.